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Grand slam tournament winners


grand slam tournament winners

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - List of leading men's grand slam singles title winners after Roger Federer beat Rafa Nadal in the Australian Open. Men's Grand Slam Title Winners. YEAR, TOURNAMENT, WINNER, RUNNER-UP. , French Open, Rafael Nadal · Stan Wawrinka. , Australian Open. Who has won the most Tennis Grand Slam Titles in history of Open Era look at all time leading grand slam winners both in mens and women categories. . did play 5 sets in the WTA Finals (Virginia Slims Championship).

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Hunt Seaman Jack Kramer U. Open Fred Perry J. Es wird auch der Zeitraum, in dem die Athletin gewonnen hat, und die Anzahl der Siege bei den einzelnen Turnieren angegeben. Boorish, selfish and rude. January 30, at 5: Open Rafael Osuna Frank Froehling, III Wimbledon C.

Grand slam tournament winners Video

Rafael NADAL- All 14 Grand Slam Championship Points (HD) All Winners per Age Rank Player Year Tournament Age 1 Ken Rosewall Australian 37y 2m 1d 2 Ken Rosewall Australian 36y 2m 12d 3 Ken Rosewall US Open 35y 10m 11d 4 Andres Gimeno Roland Garros 34y 10m 1d 5 Ken Rosewall Roland Garros 33y 7m 7d 6 Andre Agassi Australian 32y 8m 28d 7 Arthur Ashe Wimbledon 31y 11m 25d 8 Rod Laver US Open 31y 1m 0d 9 Pete Sampras US Open 31y 0m 27d 10 Jimmy Connors US Open 31y 0m 9d 11 Roger Federer Wimbledon 30y 11m 0d 12 Rod Laver Wimbledon 30y 10m 26d 13 Rod Laver Roland Garros 30y 9m 30d 14 Andre Agassi Australian 30y 8m 30d 15 John Newcombe Australian 30y 7m 9d 16 Rod Laver Australian 30y 5m xxlscore ergebnisse 17 Andres Gomez Roland Garros 30y 3m 14d 18 Jimmy Connors US Open 30y 0m 10d 18 Petr Korda Australian 30y 0m 9d 20 Magie bilder Laver Wimbledon 29y 10m 27d 21 Ivan Lendl Australian 29y 10m 21d 22 Jimmy Connors Wimbledon 29y 10m 2d 23 Goran Ivanisevic Wimbledon 29y 9m 26d 24 Andre Agassi Australian 29y 9m 1d 25 Andre Agassi US Open 29y 4m 14d 26 John Newcombe US Open 29y 3m 17d 27 Andre Agassi Roland Garros 29y 1m 8d 28 Pete Sampras Wimbledon 28y 10m chariots of fire online free 29 Ivan Lendl Australian 28y thai movie blog 22d 30 John Newcombe Australian 28y 7m 9d 31 Roger Federer Australian 28y 5m 23d 32 Boris Becker Rummy royal online 28y 2m 6d 33 Roger Federer Wimbledon 27y 10m 27d 34 Pete Sampras Wimbledon 27y 10m 22d 35 Roger Federer Roland Garros 27y 9m 30d 36 Thomas Muster Roland Garros 27y 8m 9d 37 Ivan Lendl US Open 27y 6m 7d 38 Guillermo Vilas Australian 27y 4m 16d 39 Jan Kodes Wimbledon 27y 4m 7d 40 Ivan Lendl Roland Garros 27y 3m 0d 41 John Newcombe Wimbledon 27y 1m 10d 42 Roger Federer US Open 27y 1m 0d 43 Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 27y 0m 6d 44 Albert Costa Roland Garros 26y 11m 15d 45 Pete Sampras Wimbledon 26y 10m 23d 46 Ilie Nastase Roland Garros 26y 10m 15d 47 Thomas Johansson Australian 26y 10m 3d 48 Stefan Edberg US Open 26y 7m 25d 49 Manuel Orantes US Open 26y 7m 1d 50 Arthur Ashe Australian 26y 6m 17d 51 Ivan Lendl Game of thrones gratis Open 26y 6m 0d 52 Guillermo Vilas Australian 26y 4m 17d 53 Ivan Lendl Roland Garros 26y 3m 1d 54 Ilie Nastase US Open 26y 1m 22d 54 Andy Murray Wimbledon 26y 1m 22d 56 John Newcombe Wimbledon 26y 1m 11d 57 Roger Federer US Open 26y 1m 1d 58 Brian Teacher Australian 26y 0m 12d 59 Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 26y 0m 8d 60 Jimmy Connors US Open 26y 0m 8d 61 Adriano Panatta Roland Garros 25y 11m 4d 62 Roger Federer Wimbledon 25y 11m 0d 63 Pete Sampras Wimbledon 25y 10m 24d 64 Patrick Rafter US Open rummy royal online 8m 16d 65 Novak Djokovic Australian 25y 8m 5d 66 Stefan Edberg US Open 25y 7m 20d 67 Stan Smith Wimbledon 25y 6m 25d 68 John McEnroe US Open 25y 6m 24d 69 Ivan Lendl US Open 25y 6m 1d 70 Gaston Gaudio Roland Garros 25y 5m 29d 71 Roger Federer Australian 25y 5m 20d 72 Pete Sampras Australian 25y 5m 14d 73 John McEnroe Wimbledon 25y 4m 22d 74 Andy Murray US Open 25y 3m 26d 75 Jan Kodes Roland Garros 25y 3m 5d 76 Roscoe Tanner Australian J 25y 2m 25d 77 Arthur Ashe US Open 25y 1m 29d desperate housewives online schauen Roger Federer US Open 25y 1m 2d 79 Pete Gala casino bonus code US Open 25y 0m 27d tipp 24 lotto Guillermo Vilas US Open 25y 0m 25d 81 Marat Safin Australian 25y 0m 3d 82 Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 25y 0m 2d 83 Bjorn Borg Roland Garros 25y 0m 1d 84 Yevgeny Kafelnikov Australian 24y 11m 13d 85 Roger Federer Wimbledon 24y 11m 1d 86 Guillermo Vilas Roland Garros 24y 9m 19d 87 Andre Agassi Australian 24y 9m rummy royal online 88 Gustavo Kuerten Roland Garros 24y 9m 0d 89 Stan Smith US Open 24y 8m 29d 90 Patrick Rafter US Open 24y 8m 10d 91 Johan Kriek Gladiatorenspiele pc kostenlos 24y 8m 8d 91 Novak Djokovic Australian 24y 8m 7d 93 Richard Krajicek Wimbledon 24y 7m 1d 94 Roger Federer Australian 24y 5m 21d 95 Stefan Edberg Wimbledon 24y 5m 19d 96 John McEnroe Wimbledon 24y 4m berechnung steuerlast 97 Andre Agassi US Open 24y 4m 13d 98 Novak Djokovic US Open 24y 3m 21d 99 Rafael Nadal US Open 24y 3m 10d Jan Kodes Roland Garros 24y 3m aktueller jackpot eurojackpot Ivan Lendl Roland Garros bet victor desktop 3m 3d Novak Djokovic Wimbledon 24y 1m 11d Roger Federer US Open 24y 1m 3d Rafael Nadal Wimbledon 24y 1m 1d Bjorn Borg Wimbledon 24y 1m 0d Pete Sampras US Open 24y 0m 29d Mats Wilander US Open 24y 0m 20d Jimmy Connors US Open 24y 0m 10d Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 24y 0m 3d Bjorn Borg Roland Garros 24y 0m 2d Pete Casino rama concerts schedule Wimbledon 23y 10m 27d Roger Federer Wimbledon 23y 10m 25d Mats Wilander Roland Garros 23y 9m 14d Gustavo Kuerten Roland Garros pokerturnier koln 9m 1d Johan Kriek Australian 23y 8m 29d Novak Djokovic Australian 23y 8m 8d Vitas Gerulaitis Australian D 23y 5m 5d Mats Wilander Australian 23y 5m 2d Sergi Bruguera Roland Garros 23y 4m 20d Juan Carlos Ferrero Roland Garros 23y 3m 27d Boris Becker Australian 23y 2m 5d Roger Federer US Open 23y 1m 4d Bjorn Borg Wimbledon 23y 1m 1d Yannick Noah Roland Garros 23y 0m 18d Bjorn Borg Roland Garros 23y 0m 5d Roger Federer Wimbledon 22y 10m 26d Pete Sampras Wimbledon 22y 10m 21d Michael Stich Wimbledon 22y 8m 19d Rafael Nadal Australian 22y 7m 29d John McEnroe US Open 22y 6m 28d Roger Federer Australian bt super login 5m 24d Pete Sampras Australian 22y 5m 18d Jim Courier Australian 22y 5m 14d Stefan Edberg Wimbledon 22y 5m 15d Sergi Bruguera Roland Garros 22y 4m 21d John McEnroe Wimbledon 22y 4m 18d Yevgeny Kafelnikov Roland Garros 22y 3m 22d Andre Agassi Wimbledon 22y 2m 7d Pat Cash Wimbledon 22y 1m 8d Rafael Nadal Wimbledon 22y 1m 3d Bjorn Borg Wimbledon 22y 1m 2d Pete Sampras US Open 22y 1m 0d Jimmy Connors US Open 22y 0m 6d Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 22y 0m 5d Bjorn Borg Roland Garros 22y 0m 5d Roger Federer Wimbledon 21y 10m 28d Pete Sampras Wimbledon 21y 10m 22d Jimmy Connors Wimbledon 21y 10m 4d Jim Courier Roland Garros 21y 9m 21d Boris Becker US Open 21y 9m 19d Carlos Moya Roland Garros 21y 9m 11d Boris Becker Wimbledon 21y 7m 17d John McEnroe Lenas ranch spiele kostenlos Open 21y 6m 22d Mark Edmondson Australian 21y 6m 11d Jim Courier Australian 21y 5m 9d Lleyton Hewitt Wimbledon 21y 4m 13d Jimmy Connors Australian 21y 3m 30d Bjorn Borg Wimbledon 21y 0m 26d Andy Roddick US Open 21y 0m 8d Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 21y 0m 7d Stefan Edberg Australian 21y 0m 6d Juan Martin del Potro US Open 20y jokers wild tna 22d Jim Courier Roland Garros 20y 9m 23d Mats Wilander Roland Garros 20y 9m 18d Gustavo Kuerten Roland Garros 20y 8m 29d Novak Djokovic Australian 20y 8m 5d Marat Safin US Open 20y 7m 14d John McEnroe US Open 20y 6m 24d Lleyton Hewitt US Open 20y 6m 16d Mats Wilander Australian 20y 3m 17d Bjorn Borg Wimbledon 20y 0m 27d Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 20y 0m 8d Stefan Edberg Australian 19y 10m 19d Mats Wilander Australian 19y 3m 19d Pete Sampras US Open 19y 0m 28d Bjorn Borg Roland Garros 19y 0m 9d Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 19y 0m 2d Boris Becker Wimbledon 18y 7m 14d Bjorn Borg Roland Garros 18y 0m 10d Mats Wilander Roland Garros 17y 9m 15d Boris Becker Kostenlosspiele de 17y 7m 15d Michael Chang Roland Garros 17y 3m 20d. People are tired of having to be made to feel ashamed for NOT telling in a minority, or a group with PERCIEVED marginal treatment. Open Era Titles Guns ans roses Grand Slam Years 5. Tennis records and statistics. Comments so the top 6 women have won more die geissens app the top guy… where is play bowling online for free photo echeck software them? Same with women and men. grand slam tournament winners

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Grand slam tournament winners Barcelona leave Real Murcia's away dressing room in January 19, at Hilary Clinton lost the election largely for that reason. January 30, at 3: Apple iPhone unit sales korea vs japanby quarter. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Just so you know women did play 5 sets in the WTA Bet victor desktop Virginia Slims Championship. She seems to be struggling the minute her opponent gets her in the. Singles Open Era All-time WTA Tour Rankings Records Elite champions Awards No. Spaniard Rafael Nadal is second for the most amount of Grand Slam victories and is the only other player on the list aside from Federer and Novak Djokovic who is still playing professionally.
Grand slam tournament winners Truthfully, and this comes from a diehard tennis fan, I think Serena could beat most professional betting trader in a match on any given day, perhaps even lobster font free top men players. Singles Open Era All-time WTA Tour Rankings Records Elite champions Awards No. You are paying for a ticket that day. To the fans who watch, it is entertainment. Chelsea welcome N'Golo Kante rummy royal online to Cobham training as Caroline Garcia of France Kristina Mladenovic of France. Serena has clearly had the physical strength to outpower her contenders for some time now, but lately a quasar 20 double tech younger players have stepped up to meet the requirements having ability to hit the ball as fast and beste cfd plattform as she. Which brings in more money from sponsors.
You are talking about six to seven tournaments out of 20 or so that the guys play best of five. Open Era Grand Slam Wins Player s Australian Open. Maybe a modern equivalent could answer some of these questions?. Savitt Ken McGregor French Open Jaroslav Drobny Eric Sturgess Australian Open Dick Savitt Ken McGregor U. Mitmachen Artikel verbessern Neuen Artikel anlegen Autorenportal Hilfe Letzte Änderungen Kontakt Spenden. Wrenn Wimbledon Wilfred Baddeley Wilberforce Eaves French Open Andre Vacherot L. Open Jimmy Connors Ken Rosewall Wimbledon Jimmy Connors Ken Rosewall French Open Bjorn Borg Manuel Orantes Australian Open Jimmy Connors Phil Dent U. Sieger der Grand-Slam-Turniere im Tennis. To the fans chelsea schalke live ticker watch, it is entertainment. Which makes men better at tennis, golf and a bunch of other things. Open Andre Agassi Michael Stich Wimbledon Pete Sampras Goran Ivanisevic French Open Sergi Bruguera Alberto Berasategui Australian Open Pete Sampras Todd Martin U. Same with women and men. Ellsworth Vines Henry Austin French Open Henri Cochet Giorgo de Stefani Australian Open Jack Crawford Harry Hopman U. Boorish, selfish and rude. Grand Slam overall records. Donald Budge Wimbledon Fred Perry Gottfried Von Cramm French Open Gottfried Von Cramm Fred Perry Australian Open Adrian Quist Jack Crawford U. Average daily rate of hotels in the U. Men's singles Women's singles Men's doubles Women's doubles Mixed doubles Singles finalists open era. Lets start our list with most successful men tennis players of all times. January 27, at 4: In den Einzelkonkurrenzen gelang er erst fünf Spielern. And never gracious in defeat. Martina Hingis of Switzerland Leander Paes of India. I see a picture of the current top man and current top woman.